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The automotive sector is experiencing a major shift brought about by connectivity, globalization, and new expectations by consumers.


OEMs and fleet owners are rethinking how they engage their customers, how drivers perceive cars, and how they value and consume extra services. These trends offer opportunities, but also pose threats to manufacturers’ relationships with their customers, and with their historic dealer networks.


We have been adopting cutting edge multi-channel customer service approaches to help our customers serve their customers along the lifecycle and across the various touch points - from initial negotiations to after-sales support, to road side assistance and to maintenance.


Our experience was gained by working with top clients in this sector around the world, and it enables us to create a tailor-made solution to suit every specific need, globally.





A great Brand knows how to talk to its customers in every phase of their experience. We give voice to some of the greatest brands in the world, helping them keep their customers closer and make them happier, day-by-day.


  • Lead Generation
  • Campaign management 
  • Dealer appointment management 
  • B2B Field Sales
  • Up Selling / Cross Selling
  • Churn Prevention / Retention 
  • Services Extensions