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We have been pioneers in delivering outsourced customer processes, and have gained deep domain experience in this sector. We have, with our customers, experienced the sector transform into a customer centric one, post deregulation and privatization, across multiple geographies.


Our process excellence skills and unique platforms make us a reference player in this sector.


We bring advanced skills, excellence in service management, multi-channel interaction capabilities, and cutting-edge technologies, and we help utilities to grow their business cost effectively.


Our offerings include back office and customer facing services, document management, sales support, and ICT supporting platforms.



Dedicated Services



  • Information management
  • Contract activation
  • Service activation
  • Contract management
  • Repayment plans
  • Billing adjustment
  • Data management
  • Pre sales quotations
  • Switch in
  • Switch out
  • TAX management
  • Upselling and Cross Selling on Customer Base (Service2Sale)
  • Lead generation and acquisition
  • Appointment scheduling for presales

IT Solutions


We provide solutions designed according to specific business needs, that can be integrated with existent processes and technology platforms, even in complex business models.

  • Chatbot (virtual agents)
  • Social CRM
  • Desktop Automation
  • Kms & collaboration
  • Control room
  • Multichannel experience platforms
  • Analytics