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Financial Services

The financial services sector requires a high level of specialization and a special focus on technical and legal aspects of each process. Precision, swiftness, and high efficiency are expected by our customers, and are a key to maintaining their customer’s satisfaction and ongoing business.


We work alongside the most highly respected banking and insurance players on sales process reengineering (branches and promoter networks, insurance agencies and dealer networks, and credit providers), on customer care (innovative contact and self service channels, pre and post sales services), on new business model support (i.e. creation of direct bank propositions, paperless claim management for direct insurance, etc.), as well as on full outsourcing of entire operating structures.


Thanks to our operational skills and rich experience in financial services, we are a trusted partner for quality, efficiency, reliability, operating flexibility and innovation. We build long-term partnerships, share risks, and create value with our customers.



Tailor Made Services


Comdata is a global partner in the financial services sector. Innovation is achieved through the expertise and best practice of the all the companies of the Group, enabling a range of solutions from traditional activities (Front End and Back Office) to advanced multi-channel customer management services. We bring more than 20 years of experience to the operation of processes, and the support and care of customers, and are a trusted solid partner in generating business.


  • Multichannel Customer Care: IVR HDA, Web, e-mail, mail, Fax, Chat
  • Information: Commercial, Administration, Delivery
  • Claims and Complaints: Billing, Delivery
  • Customer Care Support: Pre-retention, Loyalty, Welcome Call
  • Help Desk Informative
  • Technical Level 1 Help Desk: Online Technical Support
  • Technical Level 2 Help Desk: Troubleshooting Swap Management and Warranty
  • Customer services
  • Telemarketing: Commercial Launches, Support Sales Networks
  • Teleselling: Cross-selling Activities, Up-selling Activities
  • Marketing Campaign Support: CRM Updates Sales Validation